Why Teknode

If you are looking for reliable, effective, no fuss Small Business IT support in Adelaide then you should contact TEKNODE . Our many years of providing quality IT support to organisations large and small has given us the  level of expertise you can rely on to support your IT infrastructure.

Why TEKNODE?Customer satisfaction

We have many satisfied customers, many of whom have been using TEKNODE’s services over 10+ years and some going back  our entire 23 year history. You only receive that level of loyalty from satisfied customers.


The first question we ask ourselves after listening to your request is “what is this job really worth?”

For some people it’s worthwhile fixing the 10 year old printer as it’s the only device their legacy application will work with, for others a new printer offers better value. We will advise you according to circumstances.


We perform 90% of support requests remotely using TeamViewer as it’s the best way of getting you working again quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are in Fullarton , Bordertown , Mt Gambier or Ceduna if it can be fixed remotely we will take care of it.