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Business Smarts: Reduce Consumption to Save Big Bucks

There is a tried and true formula for growing a business: Make more sales and slash expenses. One way to cut expenditure is to reduce consumption across the board. One area where you can make the most dramatic reduction in costs without a lot of time, expense and effort is most certainly with energy consumption. Here are several tips to help you save major money on your energy bills:


  • officeOffice Equipment – If you plan to replace PCs, printers or other office equipment in the near future, be sure to check the energy efficiency ratings before you buy. If you were to add up the total amount of kilowatt hours you and your employees utilize, you would be surprised to find how much it adds up. Want to save even more? Consider this: laptop PCs use maybe 60 percent less energy than standard desktop computers and inkjet printers use typically 90 percent less energy than laser printers.


  • homeSend Them Home – Modern networking and cloud computing makes it easy for you and your employees to do their jobs remotely from home. You’ll save money by decreasing the amount of people working in the office that use lights, heat, A/C, printers, computers and other energy-sapping devices. And even if your business telecommutes just one day a week, there will be substantial savings over time.


  • switchFlip a Switch – Keeping your equipment on overnight or during the weekend is a huge waste of both money and energy. Encourage employees to shut down their computers, printers and lights before they leave the building. You can also look into network-based software that automatically shuts down computers after a pre-set amount of inactive time. To simplify things even further, use power strips for non-essential devices like coffee machines and microwaves, so at the end of the day, all you have to do is push one button to shut them down quickly.


  • lightingUpgrade Lighting – Small changes, such as cleaning dusty diffusers and lamps every six months, turning signage lighting and interior lights off when they are not needed can make a dent in your energy bills. Consider using energy saving bulbs or LEDs– the money you save will cover the cost of the new bulbs in no time. Lighting fixtures with dimmer switches that allow you to manually adjust light levels in a room can also save money. Install motion detectors to control lighting in places with low traffic, like copy rooms, break areas and restrooms.


  • sunMaster the Sun – Open the blinds when the sun is shining on cold winter days and close them on sunny, hot days. Energy Star windows paired up with blinds or solar screen shades can cool your workplace in the summer and warm it in the winter. You could also add reflective window film or awnings on all southwest facing windows to maximize or minimize the impact of the sun’s rays. Your utility company is a good resource for advice on this and many actually provide an energy evaluation at a low cost or even free of charge.


  • awareBe Aware – By simply being more mindful of how much energy you use and by getting your employees on board, your energy savings can add up quickly. You can also install a lighting control system or use energy management system technology (EMS) to monitor energy usage and control lighting systems automatically.



Although we’ve outlined some effective ways to save on energy costs and consumption, we have other ideas and advice for you, so contact us if you’d like to find out more. In addition, TEKNODE has purchased a highly-accurate Power Meter that monitors power consumption. We would be happy to rent it out to interested parties at the nominal price of just $11 per week which we will donate to charity. Please call or email us if you want to know exactly how much you’re paying to run the PCs, printers, copiers, appliances and other equipment necessary to grow your business.


Do you have your own energy saving hints and tips? We would love to hear them, so please visit our Contact page, so we can share them with our clients. We can all benefit from cutting back on energy usage, so let’s all do our part improve the environment – and put a few more dollars in our wallets, too.

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